As our on-going EP series continues to push forward, we again find ourselves tapping fresh talent from our very own community, this time around presenting the music of Yalls. We first got hip to the work of this Berkeley-based producer a few months back when the MJMJ imprint put together a tape (simply titled Yalls) which collected his work from earlier in the year and added a few new jams to boot. Well, it’s safe to say we’ve been hooked on his bizarrely rewarding twists of pop music ever since. Upon getting in touch with the man, he passed along an EP entitled Our Place, which represented his earliest (and insofar unreleased) experiments with computer-based music production. The results are five tender pieces of grainy, instrumental pop, at times somehow reminiscent of Rushmore-esque school music. Of course they’re not the most sophisticated outings Yalls has to his name, but the tunes found on this EP show that even in his beginning days, the producer’s penchant for memorable songwriting and touching melody was as strong as ever. To hear for yourself, you can stream/download Mapzzz EP14 below or head to our Bandcamp if you’d prefer. (cover photo courtesy of Elliot Giffis)


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