It’s unfortunately been way too long since we last heard from Ander, but understandably so, as the man had to pack up and leave his Oakland family (us nerdy beatmakers) behind in order to start a new one (a real family this time) in the beautiful state of Colorado. As you can imagine, we were pretty excited to see Ander’s name appear on this remix of “Era of Wind” from Some Ember’s recent debut outing, Hotel of Lost Light.  Well, we were even more excited when we finally got a chance to hear it. Not for the faint of heart, this one clocks in at a jaw-dropping 11-plus minutes—but it is worth every second as Ander pits chopped-and-glitched breaks from a forgotten IDM heyday against an absolutely beautiful soundscape of droning strings, vast pads, re-purposed vocals, and other distant trappings. We missed you Ander, but as long as you keep hitting us with gems like this every so often, we’ll happily wait for more.


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